What is an email footer?

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What is an email footer?

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Email footers are a great place for including information required by spam and privacy laws. They’re also a good place to connect with your readers. Here are the elements you should consider including.

Legally required footer elements
Your business must include certain information in your footer to USA Phone Number List stay on the right side of the CAN-SPAM Act, the GDPR, and other laws that protect consumer rights. No matter what, make sure you always include:


Your company’s physical address (or another mailing address you can be reached at)
An unsubscribe (or email preferences) link
A link to your privacy policy
If industry regulations require you to include legal disclaimers, your footer is a great place to put them. You may also want to include a copyright notice, though you don’t have to do so for your email to have copyright protection.
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